I am launching a February campaign with 20% discount off all prints for February using FEB20 code. Free worldwide delivery on all purchases.

I have 66 images available as prints, i hope that you find something to your taste as there are large array of images and styles available.

Micheal Haran studied at the Slade School of Fine Art. He is a multidisciplinary artist working in oils, acrylics, gouache, mixed media, collage, and all kinds of pens, inks, coloured markers, pencils, pastels, collage, and vintage typewriters.

The themes of his work are wide-ranging and include abstract expressionism, abstract figurative or biomorphic and playful surrealism, highly coloured and full of motion, using a multitude of mediums. He is very influenced by his experiences in the DreamTime, shamanism, surrealism, biomorphic sculpture, DaDa, Post-impressionist synthetic and futurist art movements, archaeology and ancient cultures, as well as hand-drawn vintage cartoons and talking billboards.

Jazz, and many other cool music genres, a vast variety of literature, especially the Beat movement writer Jack Kerouac and a lot of Philosophy, particularly The Stoics.

All my Giclee prints are taken from my artworks using scans taken and prepared by Cultural Heritage Digitisation Ltd on their cruze scanner and are then printed on Hahnemühle Pearl Paper which is a very high quality museum grade paper.I cannot get a higher quality of image prepared.